Mission and Philosophy

Part of what makes us edgy is that our company mission isn’t gathering dust in some pile behind the filing cabinet. We pour our integrity into every decision and steep quality into all aspects of our operations. The daily grind may not make you jiggle and wiggle when you crawl out of bed, but that’s what it does for us!

Our Company Mission is to provide quality, above and beyond all expectations. This is our goal when developing our roasted coffees, preparing our hand-made foods, working with our staff and building relationships with our customers.


Our Company Philosophy is based on our belief that there is no substitute for the natural artistry created in goods touched by the human hand and that history, culture and integrity are essential ingredients to success in business and in life.

Our Company Guarantee speaks for itself: You’ll love our coffee, or it’s on us.


Coal Creek Downtown
110  E .Grand Ave.
Laramie,WY 82073
(307) 745-7737

Coal Creek Uptown
2317 Grand Ave.
Laramie,WY 82070
(307) 742-9316

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